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Tips & Videos

Use the cream when the metal doesn't look the way you want.  

Spray the foamer onto sunglasses, eyeglasses, and masks for anti-fog, anti-static protection.  

The jewelry cleaner in the soaker or refill bottle (also called brightener) can be reused by straining through a wet coffee filter or a cheesecloth.  

Safe to use in ultrasonic machine.  

Add brightener to cream to keep it moist and soft.   

If cream hardens, add brightener, melt in microwave for 5-8 seconds, and stir.  

Do not soak glued settings.

Easy how-to in the video below too!

Frequently Asked Questions



Is it safe on...? YES! Silver, sterling silver, gold, white gold, fool's gold, brass, copper, platinum, titanium... Opals, pearls, rubies, sapphires, tanzanite, turquoise, costume jewelry, plated jewelry... any metal, any stone, any type of jewelry! Will it remove scratches? No. Only abrasives will remove scratches, and they will also remove your metal! Our product will not damage your jewelry in any way! Does it come with a jewelry cloth? We do not use jewelry cloths! Jewelry cloths are fine grit (jeweler's rouge) cloths that work by scratching the tarnish off of your jewelry. This will also, after time, remove any detail you have on your jewelry and damage your soft stones. How is this different from any other jewelry cleaner? Most jewelry cleaners contain chemicals such as alcohol, acid, or ammonia, which are not safe on many metals, nor are they safe on soft stones. Our product contains no harmful chemicals of any kind and is safe on any metal, and any stone. How often can I use it? As often as you would like! We recommend using the cream once a month, and the brightener once a week, but you are more than welcome to use it more frequently if you'd like. For the ladies, we compare the brightener to your makeup remover and the cream to your exfoliating scrub. For the guys, the brightener is your car wash, the cream your car wax.  

What else can I use this on? 

​ANY METAL - gold, silver, silver plate, sterling, brass, copper, bronze, platinum, pewter, nickel, titanium, and the like. ANY STONE - marble, granite, gemstone, soft, antique or fashion, or similar. HOUSEHOLD - candlesticks, photo frames, shower doors, tile, stove tops, range hoods, art objects, vinyl, linoleum, porcelain, and many others.  

We are sure that once you use our product you will never go back to any other! Also, try using the cleaning kit on your silver service as well. A small amount the size of a dime on a soft paper towel will remove the tarnish from a silver, sterling silver, or plated silver platter. Then spray the brightener on the platter and wipe it off with a soft paper towel. Rinse the platter with water and use it immediately! No need to worry about caustic fumes or chemicals left over! It will not remove silver from the platter like many "dip and shine" methods of cleaning silver, ensuring the platter will be used from generation to generation and will be as beautiful as the day it was bought!